Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oshawott Pokedoll


Company: Pokemon Centre
Collection: Pokedoll


Reshiram Phone Strap


Company: Bandai

......Yup. You try taking a picture of a phone charm in this pose without it looking stupid while not having your gruddy fingers in the photo.
Reshiram crash landed me'thinks.

Raichu Bell Keychain


Company: Kyodo
Collection: PokeBell Collection

Rai rai rai! It jingles and it's cute and it jingles! This Raichu refused to stay up so I had to lean it up against something to take a photo of it without it being face flat on the table...but he jingles!

Tepig Pan Sticker


Company: ???

I'm gonna be honest. I have not a clue about Pan stickers aside from you buy some bread and you get a sticker! I know I'll be living off it when I hit up Japan! Know about Pan Stickers? Leave a comment!

This piggy was a little surprise when I bought a Reshiram kid off of ebay! The seller took out the candy and put in stickers instead!

Gallade Tomy Monster Collection Figure


Company: Tomy
Collection: Tomy Monster Collection

Galllaaaaade. Why didn't he exist during Gen 3? Maybe there'd be less fan art of...er...yeah, you know.
Your basic newer style Tomy. Feels a tad flimsy but it seems most of the newer Tomy figures are like that...