Monday, March 21, 2011

Snivy Kid Figure


Company: Bandai
Collection: Kid

Sinvy Sinvy Snivy! Look at how smug she is! I managed to nab this little guy from a TnT supermarket after the Alberta TCG Championships! What a great send-off!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oshawott Pokedoll


Company: Pokemon Centre
Collection: Pokedoll


Reshiram Phone Strap


Company: Bandai

......Yup. You try taking a picture of a phone charm in this pose without it looking stupid while not having your gruddy fingers in the photo.
Reshiram crash landed me'thinks.

Raichu Bell Keychain


Company: Kyodo
Collection: PokeBell Collection

Rai rai rai! It jingles and it's cute and it jingles! This Raichu refused to stay up so I had to lean it up against something to take a photo of it without it being face flat on the table...but he jingles!

Tepig Pan Sticker


Company: ???

I'm gonna be honest. I have not a clue about Pan stickers aside from you buy some bread and you get a sticker! I know I'll be living off it when I hit up Japan! Know about Pan Stickers? Leave a comment!

This piggy was a little surprise when I bought a Reshiram kid off of ebay! The seller took out the candy and put in stickers instead!

Gallade Tomy Monster Collection Figure


Company: Tomy
Collection: Tomy Monster Collection

Galllaaaaade. Why didn't he exist during Gen 3? Maybe there'd be less fan art, you know.
Your basic newer style Tomy. Feels a tad flimsy but it seems most of the newer Tomy figures are like that...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Arceus Jakks Figure


Company: Jakks Pacific

Eeeeeeee. It's GodLlamaPonyThing!!!11!! This guy is pose-able and lovely and just perfect! I've noticed that the "ring" is crooked though, but Jakks always messed up with just minor things like that! Aside from that, and the weird paint error on the chest I absolutely love love love this figure!
If you collect Arceus and you don't have this figure...something is horribly wrong with you.